From start to finish

We are there every step of the way to ensure your product comes to life.


While our name and entity is young, we have decades of experience designing and developing products.


Successfully scaled software products from across almost every modern technology vertical.


Rely upon our seasoned staff of engineers to implement the best possible version of your project.

About Jupiter

Our team at Jupiter consists of members who’ve built, scaled, and sold multiple software companies spanning advertising tech, B2B SaaS, marketplaces, blockchain, and ecommerce. 

  • Developed and managed a leading Series A Blockchain Fintech product
  • Been entrusted with a $10m budget to build out team and product for a new app that utilizes bleeding edge machine learning technologies
  • Created, raised and sold a company that specializes in advertising technology
  • Incubated, developed, and scaled B2B SaaS and eCommerce companies
  • Managed team and architected continual feature sets for the Xbox marketplace that supports more than 40,000 transactions per second 
  • Managed team and development of Microsoft’s cross channel marketplace for enterprise sales motions
  • Developed the consumer facing applications for GoPro’s mobile development division
  • Led full system development lifecycle for custom enterprise solutions, which included third party integrations, for companies including Disney, NBC Universal, and Warner Bros
  • Managed multiple portfolio companies as a General Partner within a Venture Studio

Our story

Originally meeting through different projects, the members of Jupiter have come together to leverage their skill sets and expertise in developing technology products. With a combined 20+ years of experience managing consumer systems that handle 50,000+ transactions per second to enterprise systems where each transaction generates a significant portion of business critical revenue; the Jupiter team is equipped to develop anything from simple apps to large scale products.

With Jupiter, our goal is to build customer-centric applications that align with your business goals and bring your product vision to life.