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Trust that your new project is in good hands. Discover a list of our services below.

Product Workshop

We synchronize on product vision across your team. Highlight assumptions, redefine problems, and generate creative ideas through a user-first approach. We ensure features are well thought out and all edge cases are accounted for - preparing you for scalable adoption.

User Interface / User Experience

Through a pleasant and consistent aesthetic, the user experience is carefully tailored for simplicity and ease of use. We loop in best product practices from companies such as Slack and Xbox. From simple Material UI to cutting edge neurmorphism, Jupiter is at the forefront of design.

Product Architecture

Build scalable products with low latency through carefully architected systems. Reduce deployments and server costs by only spinning up necessary machines through microservices. Protect against disasters by creating resilient geo-redundant services.

Front End Development

We create customer-centered experiences, from web to iOS apps using best design practices. We develop platforms that resonate with a user-first engagement approach, deploying where your customers live natively - web, mobile, tablet, and beyond.

Back End Development

We develop modular, scalable services that power your front end applications. Increase operational agility and ease of hand-off through a micro-service oriented architecture. Jupiter implements the most current languages and methods to ensure maximum scalability.

Web & Mobile Apps

We create native experiences for users when they launch your technological solution. Across any device. Our team is platform agnostic, with the ability to turn web to mobile, mobile to watch, watch to VR / AR, and down the line of user adoption across the most current visual platforms.

3rd Party Integrations

Integrate with other software providers across popular applications such as Zoom, Calendly, Shopify, Hubspot, Salesforce and more to create rich integrated experiences for both consumer and business use cases.

Payment Processing

From integrating best in class payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, and Braintree - to creating custom payment gateway solutions using both fiat and crypto processing, our team can develop any payments solution your product needs to succeed and maximize revenue.

A.I. & Machine Learning

Deploy machine learning solutions from natural language processing to reinforcement learning to remove rote tasks, help improve business operations, and leverage data to make quick and informed decisions. As one of just a few hundred companies in the world with access to OpenAI's GPT3 Engine, Jupiter is at the forefront of all things AI.

Blockchain Development

Since 2013, our team has been involved in the blockchain world as both engineers and speculators. From building Dapps to contributing to popular open source initiatives to building layer 1 and layer 2 protocols, we offer a wide range of blockchain related development services. Tokenization, protocol development, end-to-end distributed systems - Jupiter can develop anything you need.

FinTech Applications

With over a decade of financial technology development under our belt, we can develop a wide range of solutions such as custom branded card networks, digital challenger banking apps, and cross border payment solutions.

Quality Assurance

Our team has delivered products that interface with millions of daily active users. Ensure your product meets the demands of a production-ready environment through advanced load testing, end to end test suites, and best practices accumulated from leading tech giants.

Development Operations

Reduce manual developer deployments with automations for continuous integrations, continuous delivery. Release updates safely with rolling deployments, with smart rollback mechanisms in case of newly introduced bugs. Ongoing technical support and SLAs are a core service offered to every Jupiter client.

IoT Applications

With a strong background in both hardware and software deployments, Jupiter can create a wide range of real-world applications that perform specific actions and gather data from IoT devices. Process and store the data in real-time for rapid decision making between real world objects and your specific value-added software.

Frequently asked questions

Feel free to reach out to us as well regarding any question that may not be answered fully on our site.

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What do I need to get started?

We can help you define your product vision through our Jupiter workshop program. Defining user stories and feature scope is essential for project success.

How long does a project take?

We are flexible and motivated to meet your ideal timeline. Depending upon the project, we can scale developers up or down to match project timeline requirements.

What happens after the development completes?

With any complex product, sometimes further development and maintenance is needed. We offer product management and development services beyond the version 1 release as well.

How will I know the status of my project?

We assign a technical product manager to every client in order to keep you in the loop about anything and everything regarding your project.